A beautiful house with direct view to The Mörrum River. Beautiful and romantic classical Swedish house for rent!

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House rules

Dear tenant, 

We hope that you will enjoy your stay in our house, and take good care of it.  We love it and it is our second home.

Here are some practical details and information you will need to know while using the house:

  1. When you leave the house, it has to be clean.  The floors have to be vacuumed and washed, the floor cloth has to be hung up to dry.
  2. The washing machine has to be emptied and turned off.
  3. The dishwasher has to be empried and turned off.  Please note that the dishwasher is about 1.5 hour to wash the dishes.
  4. Toilet and washes all cleaned.
  5. All radiators have to be left with a little heat on.  The radiator has to be on level 2.  However, tha radiators must be 100% turned of between 1st of April to 1st of November.
  6. All lamps and TV must be switched of leaving the house.
  7. Garbage must be carried out to the green garbage can on the street.
  8. Bottles and other cans cannot be left at or in the house.
  9. The fridge must be cleaned of your foods and belongings.  The fridge must not be turned of at any time.
  10. Deep freezer available in the cellar.  Turn it on - if not on - and freeze your fish.  When you leave the house please empty the freezer and turn it off.
  11. You cannot smoke on the 1st floor.  Ground floors no problem.
  12. Carpets blankets, linen and pillows put nicely together when you leave the house.
  13. Keys for the bicycles (2) to be found in the little bowl in the kitchen window.  Bicycles to be found in the shed/cabin.
  14. Sheds/doors to be locked and key returned when you leave the house. 
  15. Waders to be hund behind the house (outside), or if too cold and frosty in the aisle in front of the toilet where you find the washing machine. 
  16. Do not bring wading boots into the house.
  17. You will find 3 extra beds (metal) in the shed.  Please bring them back when you leave.
  18. For cleaning, buckets and floor cloths/rags to be found in the closet in the kitchen or under the stairs.

ALWAYS remember: Toilet paper, table paper, plastic bags for trash (salmon), candlelights, towels and linen.
For reservation or inquiries contact Kåre and Malene at info@morrumfishing.com